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DUDE! you've just found the ultimate wakeboarding tricks and wakeboarding tips web site. Learn how to wakeboard, with all of the information you need to get started. Beginners, we have step by step basics instructions.

Let us initially understand what the term Wakeboarding literally means. Like water skiing, wakeboarding is a water sport. The sport is performed using a wakeboard which the wakeboarders ride over the surface of water. This resembles a surfboard and is pulled behind a motorboat. As in water skiing, the rider is towed behind a boat at comparatively slower speed of 16-23mph. experienced riders use faster pace of about 18mph with shorter ropes.

Wakeboards can jump higher, turn faster, flip over and pull off harder than any other water sport board! This is a single board with fixed bindings for each foot, standing sideways as on a skateboard.

The boards which can float are 120-147cm long, depending on weight and upto 45cm wide. Steering the board by a combination of direction and cutting edges into the water, the rider can move outside of the wake, then cut quickly in toward the wake, hitting it and plunging himself into the air.

Wakeboarding tricks and tips for the beginner

Wakeboarding Tricks:

1. There are many wakeboaring tricks to perform in wakeboarding. Pumping is done to increase your speed. This act basically makes you push down and let up with your front foot on the wakeboard. when turning in and out of the wake, you gain speed.

2. Once you are "up" on your wakeboard, accelerate slowly towards the boat until you feel comfortable.

3. Tricks can be performed on surface, grabs, spins, inverts, etc.

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Wakeboarding Tips:

1. Learn the fundamentals first, and the harder stuff will be a lot easier to learn later on.

2. Always wear a life jacket and observe proper boating safety, no matter how good you are.

3. Don't lose hope even if you are not able to get up on the board right away.

4. Use inboard boat for safe wakeboarding. In this, the propellers are concealed to ensure the wakeboaders to follow approximately three to seven feet behind the boat. There are fewer hazards with its use.

5. Stay slow. Don't rely on the speedometer since it could give false readings often. Gradual increase in speed keeps up the balance and helps to drag easily and efficiently.

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